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Sunday Worship Service -

The Call of Duty: Part 9

Envisioning great men of the Bible, hero's of faith, we set them on a pedestal.  God "reverses" this trend and tells us, "They are just like you."  With all their weaknesses, temptations and struggles, they were human, pressing into God. Elijah, a man just like you, who with his first miracle stopped the rain for three and a half years, then prayed and it rained again. You may be one prayer away from a miracle in your life.  Don't give up.

"You may be one prayer away from your miracle!"


You are no different, other than you have an advantage. Christ, Himself lives in you.

You may be asking, "Does prayer really work? Won't God do what He wants anyway?"

According to Luke 6:12, Jesus, the Son of God, prayed all night.  He pulled himself away to be with the Father. 


In John 14:12, Jesus proclaims that those who believe in him will do His works and even greater works. Verse 13: "Whatever you ask in My name....I will do it...." This is a powerful promise, which most of us misunderstand. We pray sand see no results. Hindrances to prayer too often derail our prayer life. It's important to know what the problem is.


You were intended to do mighty works. You were intended to do greater works. You were intended to trouble the city; that where you show up, God shows up, that when you call, heaven is released in your life. When that's not happening, something is wrong."  


God wants us to have prevailing prayer; powerful prayer to conquer strongholds, to conquer sins, to conquer spiritual works of darkness. Effective prayer brings DELIVERANCE from earthly circumstances. Prayer was sent up for Peter, when he was in prison and God sent an angel to remove his earthly bondage. God is able to take your earthly situation and turn it around. Effective prayer brings HEALING. Effective prayer brings BOLDNESS. Prayer brings PEACE and PROVISION.  


These miracles can be impeded by the following: 

  1. Religious Prayers (prayers to impress God) Matthew 6:5

  2. Repititous Prayers (Prayer to impress people) Matthew 6:7

  3. Ruined Prayers (Praying when we regard iniquity in our hearts.   Proverbs 15:29

  4. Selfish Prayers (Praying to get what we want ONLY)  James 4:3

  5. Useless Prayers (Praying with Doubt and Disbelief)  James 1:6,7


God wants the church to be powerful; THIS CHURCH to be powerful; to release heaven into the earth. He wants your situation to change.  Satan cannot contain a church that's empowered by God's spirit.  In order to cultivate a people of power Jesus taught His disciples to pray.  He gave us what I call a process of prayer.  

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