The Joy Ride - The Path To Life!

Click here to listen to the Audio Message I preached related to this blog.  

Click here to listen to the Audio Message I preached related to this blog.  

All of us are on a journey.  Each journey leads somewhere.  God created us for this journey and He created us to enjoy it.  Unfortunately, oftentimes you and I find ourselves on a ride that is - well, less than joyful.  Is it possible to enjoy life - even in a day with economic uncertainties, global unrest, and immoralities becoming normal?  In order live in joy one must understand the connection between joy and hope..  

Romans 12:12 reads, "Be joyful in hope".  This verse connects us to a reality that demonstrates that joy can be find in even the most desperate of conditions.  Joy is not dependent upon the situation or the current reality - joy is directly connected to our hope - the hope of what will be.  In sickness, marital despair, family chaos, and economic crisis one can live in authentic joy because they have learned to connect their lives to hope that supersedes their reality.   

With this perspective, it is then comprehensible for one to embrace the charge to 'be joyful always'.  You see, there is always joy whenever there is hope.  Hope is the catalyst to joy.  

Unfortunately, many never take The Joy Ride.  They become consumed with life's worries and problems never looking ahead to the changing horizon.  Their eyes are fixed on the 'rear-view' mirror and thus are constantly in danger running off course.  

Sometimes, our focus is blurred not because we are looking backwards but because our attention is set on 'false hopes'.  What are false hopes?  False hopes are when we find our hope in things that cannot deliver what is promised.  False hopes create a sense of joy that we might recognize as pleasure, happiness, or even a sense of bliss.

Perhaps, you have been there.  You based your hopes on a relationship only to find your heart torn to pieces with nothing to show for it - except maybe a child that you now have to share with someone you hate.  Or you spent everything you owned on a deal that was supposed to make you rich.  Unfortunately, now your 'hope' is gone and all that is left is really bad debt.  Perhaps, you are one of those that experimented with that 'safe' pill hoping to have a good time or maybe you wanted to dull some inner pain.  Either way, you are in deeper pain and add to that a bondage that took away your choice.  Your addiction now chooses for you.  

All of us are on a path - but each path have two very distinct destinations.  One is a path to life and the other is one that leads to destruction.

Which path are you on?  What's your ride like?  Is it a joyride - taking a ride that involves risk for the sake of a passing pleasure or is it The Joy Ride - a ride that is safely guided by the God of hope?   

If you are on a 'broken road' right now - there is an exit to The Joy Ride.   

 "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may
overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." 

The key to a life of joy is trusting in the God of hope.   

When we make the decision to trust in Jesus - something supernatural happens.  What you were incapable of without him - you are not empowered to do through Him.  What makes a relationship with Christ so powerful is that He stands over and above whatever you are going through.  He is always the same and never moved or overwhelmed but even the most hopeless of situations.  His journey to death and back to life gave you the opportunity to a new path.  He conquered death, fear, sickness, betrayal, and sin.  There is nothing beyond His realm of authority and power.  He is Lord.  

As you put your trust in Him - this God of hope mysteriously but in reality comes to live inside you.  As Apostle Paul said, 'Christ in you, the hope of glory". (Col. 1:27)  Confidently, I can say to you - regardless of your situation - how desperate, how discouraging, and even how dirty - there is a future and a hope for you.   

Take the ride today - The Joy Ride!   


Posted on September 16, 2013 .